KBibTeX 0.10-alpha2 aka 0.9.81

2020-08-05, 15:04, by Thomas Fischer

The release of KBibTeX 0.10 is approaching with the release of KBibTeX 0.10-alpha2 aka 0.9.81.

Improvements and changes since 0.9.2 are less on the user interface, but on the code behind it:

For a more complete list of changes, have a look at the ChangeLog and the source code differences in Git.

As this is an ‘alpha’ release, I suspect there may be some rough edges I missed so far. For example, the build system (CMakeLists.txt files) has been refactored and dependencies updated, so package builders’ old specification files may need an overhaul as well. Translators need to check if all strings are properly translated and still make sense.

If you encounter any issue or bug, please report it at KDE’s bugtracking system; there is already a version tag ‘0.10’.

Many thanks go to contributors such as bug reporters, translators, and everyone else who contributed to KBibTeX!

Source code is available as tar ball, cryptographically signed using GnuPG key 1808CB466328F4380685A3B1A264FD738D861F41.

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