KBibTeX 0.7.90 a.k.a. 0.8-beta1: On the Road to KDE Frameworks 5

2018-05-05, 08:29, by Thomas Fischer

Finally, the release of KBibTeX 0.8 is on its track again. I tagged and tar-balled the code of the current Git branch kbibtex/0.8 as KBibTeX 0.7.90 (a. k. a. 0.8-beta1) and asked the KDE sysadmins to put it on KDE’s content distribution network.

Only afterwards I noticed that I totally had forgotten to update the ChangeLog which was still stuck on the ancient release of 0.6.1. Properly updating the changelog records will be my next step. In case I didn’t mention it before, the biggest change from 0.7 to 0.8 is the migration from KDE4 to KDE Frameworks 5. User interface and functionality has stayed surprisingly stable, though.

For you, my fellow KBibTeX users, you may fetch the tar ball kbibtex-0.7.90.tar.xz and test if everything is working for you. This request is especially relevant if you are a translator or a package maintainer or at least know a little bit of either to see if translations and/or package building works on your setup. If you find any issues, please report them at KDE’s Bugtracking System (don’t forget to set the version in your report to 0.8). There are known bugs in the code, some of which I fixed in the master branch (to become 0.9) already but did not integrate into 0.8 due to the feature freeze.

This release contains code contributions from, among others, Antonio Rojas, Frederik Schwarzer, Joao Carreira and Pino Toscano. Thank you very much!

My preliminary and optimistic time plan predicts a stable, final release of KBibTeX 0.8 at the end of May (this year). There’ll may be some more pre-releases in between in case relevant issues were found and fixed.

Looking forward to your feedback!

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