KBibTeX 0.7 (the final version for KDE4)

2018-01-02, 21:32, by Thomas Fischer

After a beta version in September and a release candidate in October, there is finally a release of KBibTeX 0.7. A tag has been set and tar balls have been published.

The only changes compared to the release candidate are attempts to fix online search issues with Google Scholar and IEEE Xplore.

Key Value
Filename kbibtex-0.7.tar.xz
SHA256 5d3acdd7cd6da9cb8db23e46cd02b8a6648e516330b169d09a6b6ffe226f9a96
Public GnuPG key 1808CB46 6328F438 0685A3B1 A264FD73 8D861F41

Tagged with: kde kbibtex

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