KBibTeX 0.8.2

2018-06-23, 21:37, by Thomas Fischer

After almost exactly two years of being work-in-progress, the first stable release of KBibTeX for KDE Frameworks 5 has been published! You can grab the sources at your local KDE mirror. Some distributions like ArchLinux already ship binary packages.

After one beta and one release candidate, now comes the final release.

You may wonder why this release gets version number 0.8.1 but not 0.8 as expected. This is simply due to the fact that I noticed a bug in CMakeLists.txt when computing version numbers which did not work if the version number just had two fields, i. e. no ‘patch’ version. As the code and the tag of 0.8 was already pushed, I had no alternative than to fix the problem and increase the version number. Otherwise, the ChangeLog is virtually unchanged compared to the last pre-release.

To check the tar-ball, please use the detached, ascii-armored GnuPG signature generate with my GnuPG key 8D861F41. The tar-ball’s checksums are as follows:

Algo Checksum
SHA1 9de2888e49cc62b6d4906235ac5456a640177cbd
SHA256 6511a912925c628b7d175b0ef98ba98b1b8eb61e457d621ea0963d29b1fd21d2

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