KBibTeX 0.9.2

2020-04-27, 11:12, by Thomas Fischer

Finally, after a long waiting period, KBibTeX 0.9.2 got tagged, tar-balled, and released! It is a bug fix release, so virtually no new features since 0.9 got released; dependencies have not changed.

The highlights from the ChangeLog include:

Source code is available at KDE’s download servers: kbibtex-0.9.2.tar.xz and kbibtex-0.9.2.tar.xz.asc (signed with GnuPG key).

If you find bugs, please report them at KDE’s bugtracking system.

I do not plan any further releases of version 0.9.x. Instead, 0.10 is well on the way: as you can see from its ChangeLog, there are plenty of changes already queued up. The ‘master’ branch contains even more changes.

Many thanks to the people who supported this release and make the continuous development of KBibTeX possible!

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