KBibTeX 0.9-beta2

2019-05-02, 20:00, by Thomas Fischer

I am glad to announce the availability of KBibTeX 0.9 Beta 2 (0.8.91) for download. Whereas Beta 1 had some issues and was never formally announced, Beta 2 is quite stable and ready to use for everyone able to compile and install from a tar-ball and willing to test code.

Changes so far and compared to 0.8.2 are as follows (taken from the ChangeLog):

The source code in tar-ball form is available at KDE’s download infrastructure: https://download.kde.org/unstable/KBibTeX/kbibtex-0.8.91.tar.xz Signed with GnuPG: https://download.kde.org/unstable/KBibTeX/kbibtex-0.8.91.tar.xz.asc (key: 1808CB466328F4380685A3B1A264FD738D861F41)

Unless there are severe issues, I plan to make a final release of 0.9 in early summer.

KBibTeX towards 0.10

The current master code contains a number of changes due for 0.10, such as refactored preferences/settings system and better integration to GitLab’s CI system both to run automated tests as well as to run a Coverity Scan, among others. If you want to test some bleeding edge, pull the code from KDE’s Git repository.

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