Rudimentary KBibTeX client using Kirigami2

2019-10-13, 13:51, by Thomas Fischer

KBibTeX is a bibliography editor (BibTeX and somewhat BibLaTex) used in conjunction with LaTeX and friends. Based on this code base, a SailfishOS client called ‘BibSearch’ exists which allows to search for bibliographic data in various online sources (IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar, ACM Digital Library, …). BibSearch’s code makes use of KBibTeX’s C++ code, has its user interface implemented in SailfishOS’s Silica QML, and provides just two C++ files on its own to glue together everything.

It has long been my goal to provide a QML or Kirigami-based client of KBibTeX of similar functionality, either to be used as Plasma widget or for Plasma Mobile (thus equivalent to the SailfishOS implementation). Finally I have been able to put together an initial implementation using Kirigami2. There are several rough edges and bugs, and much of the intended functionality is missing, but at least one can search for bibliographic data. If you are familiar with Kirigami, it should be a low-hanging fruit to fix the obvious issues, especially given that there is already a Silica-based client as reference. Code contributions to branch feature/kirigami are welcome!

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