Running KBibTeX from Git repository has become easier

2018-11-17, 20:17, by Thomas Fischer

A common problem with bug reports received for KBibTeX is that the issue may already be fixed in the latest master in Git or that I can provide a fix which gets submitted to Git but then needs to be tested by the original bug reporter to verify that the issue has been indeed fixed for good.

For many distributions, no ‘Git builds’ are available (or the bug reporter does not know if they exist or how to get them installed) or the bug reporter does not know how to fetch the source code, compile it, and run KBibTeX, despite the (somewhat too technical) documentation.

Therefore, I wrote a Bash script called run-kbibtex.sh which performs all the necessary (well, most) steps to get from zero to a running KBibTeX. The nicest thing is that all files (cloned Git repo, compiled and installed KBibTeX) are placed inside /tmp which means no root or sudo are required, nor are any permanent modifications made to the user’s system.

There is a README.txt file explaining the script in greater detail.

The only requirement is that the user installs the usual KDE-related development tools and libraries. If a tool or library is missing, the script will abort, but the error message (most likely some output from cmake) can be searched for in order to learn which package to install. Once this is done, simply restart run-kbibtex.sh until all steps succeed.

I have tested the script with several Linux distributions and gave earlier versions to bug reporters for testing, so I am almost sure that it will work as promised. Please send suggestions or bug reports via email to me.

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