KBibTeX 0.10-beta1

2021-01-18, 22:52, updated 2021-01-19, 21:27, by Thomas Fischer

After some procastination, here comes KBibTeX 0.10 Beta 1 (0.9.90). I had hoped to release it still in 2020, but there is real life and some thing you always want to fix first before making a release. But at some point, one has to make a decision to prepare the release and this point in time has come.

Here is an extract from the ChangeLog, highlighting the changes and fixes since the latest 0.9.x release.

The source code in tar-ball form is available at KDE’s download infrastructure, signed with GnuPG using key 1808CB466328F4380685A3B1A264FD738D861F41.

Now that the release process is underway, I want to progress towards a stable release this spring. As a package maintainer, you can test if package building is working (note the changed ICU and QOAuth dependency) and then provide experimental packages to brave users for testing.

Branch kbibtex/0.10 where this beta release comes from and all future 0.10.x release will come from, will only release bug fixes, both towards the stable 0.10 and any potential bugfix releases (e.g. 0.10.1). Active development happens or will appear in the master branch as usual. I will wait for creating a branch for 0.11 until 0.10 has proven to be sufficient stable, avoiding to port patches between branches master, kbibtex/0.10, and kbibtex/0.11.

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